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Next level CT technology

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Entering CT technology with ZEISS METROTOM 1 and GOM Volume Inspect

Computed tomography, often perceived as complex, is significantly simplified with the latest additions to the ZEISS X-ray portfolio: METROTOM 1 with the powerful GOM Volume Inspect software. The compact dimensions and convincing price/performance ratio of METROTOM 1 as well as the ease of use of the GOM Volume Inspect software – with a continuous workflow from data acquisition to inspection – make it easy to enter the world of industrial computed tomography.

What can customers expect from METROTOM 1?

Dr. Dominik Stahl: CT technology has not always been affordable until now, especially for medium-sized companies. Our goal was to develop an innovative product including powerful software that makes it easy to get started with CT technology. It was meant to be a measuring system, easy to use, and flexible in terms of the parts and materials to be inspected. This is why the new system is a perfect complement for the ZEISS X-Ray Series.

Dr. Petra Schmidt: Innovative ideas have created a unique product with the potential to shake up and change the market. This system makes it much easier for customers to get started with the rather complex CT technology. With little experience, they can operate the CT and benefit from the advantages of X-ray technology. For example, they can detect internal defects or measure internal structures and wall thicknesses.

What other advantages does the new system offer?

Dr. Dominik Stahl: With GOM Volume Inspect the new METROTOM 1 benefits from a software that is perfectly aligned with the hardware. This well-established, consistent solution for the acquisition and evaluation of measuring data guarantees an easy operation.

Dr. Petra Schmidt: In addition to its ease of use, METROTOM 1 is also characterized by its compact dimensions and low maintenance requirements. This means that even smaller companies can integrate the CT system into their measuring room without any problems. The low maintenance requirements also help to keep operating costs as low as possible, making the overall price/performance ratio of METROTOM 1 convincing.

What is so appealing about GOM Volume Inspect?

Dr. Dominik Stahl: GOM Volume Inspect becomes even more versatile. In the latest version, the software will be equipped with significantly more volume functions. This will allow many customer requirements to be met. Additional software for more detailed data analysis will no longer be necessary for metrological evaluations. This saves costs for the customer.

Dr. Petra Schmidt: When it comes to metrological evaluation, GOM Volume Inspect is a very established software. Customers appreciate its powerful features as well as its intuitive and modern user interface. Even today, some customers who own a CT from ZEISS use GOM Volume Inspect for evaluation. In the future, we will be able to offer all this from one source, including training and service.

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