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Hockey Stick Analysis

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Since the NHL Playoffs are in full swing tonight, and I am a huge fan of the sport, I thought I would share this hockey stick analysis project. In the video, you can see stickers along the hockey stick to create a constellation of points for tracking with our 3D ARAMIS Optical measurement tool. Watch closely to see the stick shift from bending + in the z-direction to - as the puck is launched. ARAMIS captures the full flex sustained during slapshot.



Tonight, someone may break their stick while taking a slapshot. The failure will likely be at the shaft; that's because during a slapshot on ice the player hits the ice first to load up the potential energy into the stick (imagine the stick flexing as it slides toward the puck). It sounds counterintuitive but hitting the ice first with your stick and then gradually releasing the energy like a slingshot--actually propels the puck even faster than you can swing your stick. And this is why hockey players like a flexible stick.

ARAMIS has the ability to quantify the deformation of the stick, find the maximum stress limit, inspect the 6DOF, and even investigate modal frequency as the stick experiences vibrations during the slapshot. In this way, ARAMIS can be used to fine-tune the hockey-stick design.

Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er


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